Self Service Bath



     Tails are wagginn & pets are braggin

We know you love your dog (s) & you want the very best
for them. Whether you feel guilty everyday when you have
to leave them home alone, or they just need social interaction.
We're offering you the alternative. At Lucki Dogs Resort we
will give your dog hands on love & behavioral training in one of
our 3 inside play areas.

You will notice your dog very relaxed & happy after a day of
playing in our supervised indoor /outdoor play areas. Your dog
will be able to wrestle around with other dogs to get rid of
all that pent up energy & will be happy just snuggling on the
couch when they return home & not have to take you out for
that long walk ! We know that they need their rest as well
so be assured there will be nap time in the afternoon. Of
course not before a yummy treat and some loving. They will
also get to play in the pool, (warm weather) play with staff
and fun toys.

The most beneficial part of dog daycare of course is that
dogs learn how to socialize with each other. The end result
of course being a well rounded dog !

Prices                                                           Extras
$18 a day                             Romp in the park $10
5 day pass-$85                       Massage $10
10 day pass-$160                    Bath $10
20 day pass-$300                    Grooming -inquire
$5 off for multi pets.

How Do I Start?

The first step for enroll into Doggie Daycare is to set up a
Trial Day. Trials are by appointment. If your pet passes the
evaluation, he/she will be welcomed back to participate.
*See our Registration page to download forms.*